Shenmue Social?

Wait so the MMO Shenmue PC title was canceled and replaced with this?

It’s really unclear right now as to what players will do in this newly announced title, but it seems like the game will be released this Winter on the Yahoo Japan/Yahoo! Mobage service.

The game is being titled Shenmue City. A big aspect to Shenmue was buying random items and interacting with the towns folk during certain times of the day. Depending on the time, weather, etc you would receive different outcomes across the various actions that you would partake.

It will be interesting to see if this game continues the story that has yet to officially completed. Shenmue II ended on some very cool magical notes, but a ton of factors have contributed to Sega not officially beginning development on Shenmue III.

Considering that the Shenmue MMO was announced in 2004 and failed to see the light of day, I won’t hold my breathe for Shenmue City.

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