Coming Soon: X-Men Destiny, aka Mass Effect: X-Men Edition

Choice and consequence in my superhero game? More likely than you think.

Activison and Marvel have just announced X-Men Destiny, which involves a “branching storyline that features a deep element of choice.” Apparently, those have been all the rage ever since Mass Effect came out. Using the Mass Effect 2 model of party recruitment with the X-Men universe sounds like a no-brainer and also a promising idea that can be very easily ruined by simply turning the game into a Mass Effect-clone.

But really, think about it. Instead of just shooting from behind cover like an arcade game, you can send Wolverine in for crazy attacks, have Storm blast thunder into people’s faces and get Jean Grey to- well, maybe not do that, but she can be pretty useful sometimes.

But all that’s speculation, of course. We don’t know what the game itself will bring, or even who is developing it, but the debut trailer will be released by IGN, according to the game’s official site. So far it features many strands of biological stuff that I could explain in detail if I ever attended Biology class.

Any way, it features that eat-small-creatures game that was at the beginning of Spore. It doesn’t go beyond the fifth DNA helix at the bottom for me, so either the game is broken or better yet, is a countdown for when the trailer goes live. Hard to tell whether it is about days, hours or years, though.

We know that the game will be “invading consoles”, so the PS3 and Xbox 360 can be pretty much confirmed at this point. No word on the release date, but 2011 sounds like a safe bet.

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