YouTube LIVE Begins Now

YouTube has rolled out LIVE streaming to a select free Partners.

This is a special two day event to test it and see how well it does. The schedule is below. The first broadcast begins at 8:00am PST today. Sadly I won’t be awake for it, but I’ll definitely be checking out their other streams at some point.

While this isn’t the first ever live broadcast on YouTube, this is the beginning of YouTube rolling out live broadcasting capabilities to Partners. There will be a Live comments module to chat with the broadcaster. Howcast, Next New Networks, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood are the lucky four who have been choosen.

YouTube LIVE broadcasting is extremely important for the YouTube community and will greatly change the way that videos and producer/viewer interaction is created and maintained.

The minute that StuffWeLike receives this broadcasting ability we’ll be going live ASAP!

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