The Universe: Our Solar System – Blu-ray Review

Another excellent program from the History Channel, The Universe: Our Solar System delivers fascinating information about the planets, moons, and stars that make up the heavens that surround us. While we may believe we’re the best part of our solar system, the series shows that the places beyond our world make us appear less significant than we perceive our planet to be.

With its combination or satellite images, interviews, and stunning computer graphics, the series takes us on a journey through our solar system that is both riveting and inspiring. The beauty and chaos that exist together throughout the universe are expertly explored and explained in this great series.

The History Channel continues to deliver great educational programs that entertain as well as educate, and The Universe is no exception. The information presented is interesting, exciting, and while many of us know about our solar system, there is plenty of information presented here that you’ve probably never heard of or considered before. I know I learned a lot.

The 10 episode series includes: Secrets of the Sun; Mars: The Red Planet; The End of the Earth: Deep Space Threats to Our Planet; Jupiter: The Giant Planet; The Moon; Spaceship Earth; The Inner Planets: Mercury & Venus; Saturn: Lord of the Rings; Alien Galaxies; and Life and Death of a Star.

For a refreshing look at long-studied topic, check out The Universe: Our Solar System from the History Channel.

The Universe: Our Solar System is available on DVD and Blu-ray August 24, 2010!

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