Ax Men: The Complete Season Three – DVD Review

The logging industry claims over 100 lives each year, and is considered the second most dangerous job in the world as ranked by The Daily Beast. Filled with possible death, injury, and dismemberment at every turn, this challenging and at stressful job can lead to great success or crushing defeat depending on how well one undertakes this chosen profession.

Season Three of Ax Men continues the tradition of the previous two seasons, and adds even more excitement and danger to the fray.

Rivalries, arguments, injuries, and drama abound throughout season three. With logging companies Pihl, Rygaard, Browning, S&S Collins, and Swamp Man competing for who can bring in the largest harvest, the tension on all sides mounts quickly and remains steadfast until the season finale. Which company will end the season with the biggest load count?

Not only does the drive to beat the other companies keep things moving, but also the drama between greenhorn and veteran loggers within each company ramps up the tension.

Like Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men delivers some of the most pulse-pounding moments from one of the deadliest jobs out there. This is reality television at its finest.

Season three of Ax Men includes the following episodes: Ax to Grind; Deeper Into the Swamp; Diving for Dollars; Boiling Point; Surviving the Swarm; Showdown; Chopping Block; Assault by Air; Crash and Burn; Curse of Kalina; End of the Line; Eleventh Hour; and King of the Mountain.

Bonus features include Additional Footage, and three great featurettes: The Loggers, Dangers, and Logging.

Ax Men remains one of the most exciting and intense series on the History Channel. I highly recommend checking out season three of Ax Men.

Ax Men: The Complete Season Three is available August 24, 2010 on DVD!

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