Pawn Stars: Season Two – DVD Review

Pawn Stars is a lot like PBS’s Antiques Roadshow, but with one exception: it’s not coma-inducing. Far from it. Pawn Stars is a fast-paced, entertaining, and at times very funny series about a family-owned Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Each episode people bring in what they deem valuable and see how much money they can get for it.

Pawnbrokers Rick, Cory (Big Hoss), and Richard (The Old Man) Harrison return for another great season of obscure items, good deals, and interesting customers. Along with the pawn shop action, we get to know Rick and his family. You can tell that these guys enjoy every aspect of their lives and their business.

Antiques, memorabilia, art, weapons, you name it and these guys examine, authenticate, appraise, and offer deals based on what they determine to be the value of the items presented. And sometimes the people who bring in the items are more interesting and off-beat than the items themselves.

Unlike American Pickers, Pawn Stars doesn’t seem to have the mentality of screw or be screwed. These guys know their business and offer decent money to people with items of value. There’s no sense that they are out to manipulate and take advantage of the customers and patrons who have stuff to pawn. They’re in the business to do good business, and that’s how it should be.

Loaded with 32 episodes, season two of Pawn Stars is highly entertaining television. I recommend you check out this fun series.

Pawn Stars: Season Two is available August 24, 2010 on DVD!

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