64 thoughts on “Preview of Google TV”

  1. TV will be redefined to a whole new perspective now as google added some extra layer to maximize entertainment by connecting it to the internet. Trhe way I see it companies with business in the movie industry or similar to that will be utilizing more to this kind of stuff. I hope this would turn out to be good in the future and release it here in the philippines as fast as they could

  2. Hey there! I work with DISH network and I can say Google TV is awesome! It’s a very small and sleek looking piece of equipment that hooks up with your DISH equip and gives you the ability to search live tv content, schedule recordings from a google search and even search current DVR recordings you may have. Set-up is a breeze and I havent had any problems with it! I definitely recommend it to all, especially if your a DISH consumer! Check out more info on it at dish.com/googletv. 🙂

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