Madness Returns to Alice

EA originally released American McGee’s Alice back in 2000 for the PC. This rendition of Alice in Wonderland is much like you would expect to see from a Tim Burton/Tarantino cross breed with the game taking on a darker more bloody side to the ACID induced experience. The game was met with much fan praise for taking a classic tale and spinning it in the other direction. Not long ago, back in 2008, a trailer appeared that claimed to be a teaser for a sequel to the game. Needless to say it was extremely well done and hod a majority of the gaming community in a fit. Take a look for yourself.

See? Looks professionally done doesn’t it? Well it aint. Yeah. That amazing piece of work was done by  fan and even had McGee himself coming out and saying that it was in no way shape or form under his management/creation. The gaming community quietly applauded the creator for their hard work and ability to fool us for a short time. However, it seems a legitimate trailer for Alice has surfaced. And this time…she’s mad! Check out the trailer for Alice: Madness Returns below.

I have to say this looks pretty grim and amazing. Just like the trailer shows, nothing much is known about this game besides the fact that McGee is up to his old tricks again. Keep an eye on Stuff We Like for more regarding the game.

Source: Joystiq

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