Patrick’s Day

The following is a celebrate of good old Patrick and his journey of becoming a Saint.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

‘Patrick’s Day’ written by: Kyle Hansen

I never thought
Id be a saint
So here’s a song of how
It came to be

I liked to pee
Onto a tree
In an alcoholics garden
In the breeze

We took a swim
In Jameson
In an alcoholics garden
In the breeze

Fighting over wine and munchies
Until the church told us to leave

We hit the bar
In Oeter’s car
And were thankful that we crashed
Into a bar

I got the spins
vomited in
In the faces of some angry
Irish men

I asked my friend to drive me home
Reaction time was way too slow

Not getting far
We hit the bar
But this time my head flew off into the sky

My head was found
Floating around
In a giant barrel filled with golden beer

Now Im a saint
Thats why we wait
To get wasted beyond reason once a year

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