Telltale games to release non-comedy games

Telltale games has released some of the most funny and consistent episodic games in the past few years. With titles like Sam and Max, Tales of Monkey Island, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People one can only expect more quality out of them.

Despite having some great results with Comedy adventure games, Telltale is going to be starting franchises that expand beyond the comedy genre. No specific franchise has announced yet, but they won’t be dropping their current franchises for these more dramatic games.

Telltale games has already done three CSI games, but if that is one of the more dramatic franchises then I can’t say I’m particularly interested. The comedy games Telltale make have a great sense of charm to them, but a series in a realistic setting like CSI doesn’t strike my fancy. I wouldn’t mind a little Burn Notice point and click though.

Telltale Games to unveil new, possibly serious, stuff [Destructoid]

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