Analyst: GTA 5 Coming Next Year, New Sid Meier Game


Whuh? And I just saw the Gay Tony screenshots yesterday!

Michael Pachter, analyst extraordinaire wrote in a research paper that the next, full-fledged GTA title will come out for the holidays next year, i.e. Holiday Season 2010. No, nobody has announced this yet, and I don’t trust analysts myself, but what do you know?

Pachter has otherwise sensible hopes, expecting Take Two’s 2010 major lineup (Including BioShock 2, Max Payne 3 and the like) to ship more than $9 million. Now this is where it gets interesting: he also predicts the life and times in the year 2011, where he expects a Ken Levine-helmed project. This has to be that super-ambitious project we heard about some time ago.

Another interesting prediction for 2011 is a Sid Meier game. Of course, first thoughts go to Civilization V. Funny, the last Civilization was released in 2005, and it still feels like it was released last month. If that isn’t an indicator of how addictive that game is, I don’t know what is. But then, could it be a sequel to Pirates! ? Of course, it’d be silly to speculate, since this is mere analyst prediction, not a game announcement.

Oh you analysts, how you get us gamers on a high.

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