Botched up British Law allows kids to buy whatever videos they want

A rather silly hiccup in the UK has made purchasing adult games and videos legal for any age. A law, which was supposed to keep people from selling Violent and/or pornographic video titles, such as games and videos, never actually took effect. This act has been around since 1984, and was never actually made a law, yet videos and video games were regulated under it.

The act, which by European directive, was supposed to be brought to the European Commission to notify them of it’s existence. The Government never did this, and so the law could never have been enforced. This entire blunder was found out when the British Video Association went to modify the act for video games.

Because of this no retailer or business can be charged for selling a game like Manhunt 2 or any pornographic game to anyone under the age of 18. I can only imagine innumerable British teen boys have pawned off and scrounged as much as they can to create a rather large collection.

Error leaves children unprotected under 1984 Video Recordings Act [Times Online]

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