Seeing red with Wet demo

Wet preview
Wet, if you may recall, is a game published by Bethseda studios with Eliza Dushku voicing the main character. Well a demo of the game came out on the European PSN and I managed to find away to download it. Sneaky, I know. But that’s not the point here. The point here is giving early impressions of the game.

From the moment you start the game there’s a strong theme in the game. There are grindhouse exploitation aesthetics everywhere. The game’s appearance has a look of worn film constantly as you play through the game. This sets a tone for the game, or at least I hope it is.

The action is insane and not insanely realistic, which is really quite nice. It makes for doing some John Woo styled attacks as you slide, wall run or fly through the air guns akimbo. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of variety, but I would attribute this largely due to what I played as being a demo.

The controls are quite simple and work really well. The thing that I found most surprising is the dual aiming feature. You aim at one person with the reticule and the game auto targets another enemy. As you do the selected stunt you wish to do you fire one pistol at the targeting reticule, and the other gun auto fires, regardless of if it’s on screen or not, at the other enemy.

The guns seem to be the main draw here, and the game suits it well. There is a sword which, despite a lot of the focus being on guns, is utilized surprisingly well. Closing the distance between you and an enemy is easy, and dicing said enemy into slivers of generic Asian mafia red-shirts is a breeze.

The demo shows off three parts of the game. The normal run and gun section, which is well crafted and filled with places to do your stunts while bullets scream their way through your prey. The blood crazed sections are adrenaline filled over-the-top sections that turn enemies into dust during a slightly annoying red filter stage.

The third part is a car mounted section. The main character jumps from car to car and tries to kill off enemies that fire at her. This particular section, as I experienced it, was filled with Quick-time-events and rather annoying gun fights that take a little too long due to the ever moving car.

The game’s graphics don’t look particularly great, but the combat on the whole makes up for it. A2M has developed a rather interesting game and I look forward to it’s release. The game will be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 September 15 in the US, September 18th in Europe.

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