The Tigger Movie: 10th Anniversary Edition – DVD Review


Even after a decade, the themes and lessons expressed in this animated Disney film ring true. Self-acceptance, friendship, loyalty, and teamwork are at the heart of the movie.

Tigger’s yearning for a sense of belonging in a world where he feels isolated and alone is an emotion that both children and adults have felt at one time or another. The feeling that you are the only person experiencing something or who is a certain way can make anyone feel alone even in the most crowded of places.

The Tigger Movie, while set in the fantastical world of the Hundred Acre Wood, has many parallels to our own society. The varied creatures and the emotions they express allow children to see that there are many types of people and traits in our vast society. As Tigger goes on his own personal journey of self-discovery and ultimately acceptance, he too comes to realize that those around him are just as unique and varied as he is.

It may sound deep for an animated feature, but these emotional and thematic elements contribute depth to what may otherwise have been merely a pithy and trite Saturday morning cartoon.

This 10th Anniversary Edition has a host of special features, including:

Music & More

“You Heart Will Lead You Home” – Music Video by Kenny Loggins

“Round My Family Tree” – Sing-Along Song

Games & Activities

Tigger Movie Trivia Game

Thingamajigger Matching Game

Match the right Thingamajigger to the right character.

Round Your Family Tree

Learn how to make your very own family tree. If it doesn’t fork, you might be a redneck!

Tigger Movie DVD Storybook

Prefer to read the story instead of just watching it? Now you have the option of reading it yourself, or having it read to you.

Bonus Episodes

Two eps of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, which include: “King of the Beasties” and “Tigger’s Houseguest.”

Theatrical Trailer

You also get a Digital Copy of the film!

Perhaps I’ve read too much into The Tigger Movie, and perhaps there’s more here than what appears on the surface. I highly recommend this film to families and to anyone who has ever felt out of place in the world. Perhaps through Tigger’s journey your heart can also lead you home.

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