More Fable II news, and Fable III announced

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GamesCom news continues to flood in with Microsoft holding their press conference that brought a lot of news. No there’s no Xbox 360 slim or Xbox handheld. Much of the new information that came out of the press conference was about Fable II and Fable III.

Fable II will be re-released on the Xbox live marketplace in parts as episodic content. The first part will be free, with the four subsequent parts being purchased. Think of this as Fable II on the Xbox Live Arcade. The game WILL be compatible with Knothole Island and See the Future. No word on the pricing, but I’d wager 10 dollars an episode at most.

Fable III was officially announced at the conference. The story takes place around the same time as Fable II with you taking the role of royalty. You play the son or daughter of a hero who becomes the king or queen of all of Albion. Typical morality choices are still in play.

You can make a huge kingdom at the expense of more heavily taxing your citizens. While passing by a building you might hear a child who is crying. You can barge in and free the kid, saving him from a fire. Much of the emphasis seems to be more on a new system called “dynamic touch” which sounds like something in a chat log from To Catch a Predator but the description of it seems fairly vague.

There’s not a lot of information on the game, but it’s expected to be released during 2010, likely later in the year. I’d like to know if the game actually allows you to be a hero still or if this game is more of a game where you take the role of a “god” like Lionshead has made in the past. Only time will tell.

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