Tale of Monkey Island: Episode 2, this thursday!

The continuing stories of Guybrush Threepwood and his crew return this Thursday! Yes episode 2 of Tales of Monkey Island, entitled “The Siege of Spinner Cay” comes out August 20th on the PC, with the WiiWare version expected to be released following the PC version.

Having still not played the first chapter, which I only have myself to blame for having not picked up the WiiWare version yet, I can only expect the best from this second chapter. The first part was received extremely well, which is not hard to believe considering Telltale’s track record. To this day they remain one of the best, if not the only consistent, episodic game developers.

Companies like Valve and Rockstar have tried their hand at creating episodic games, which have only resulted in some good, but sporadically released titles. For a company to release a new game every month is astounding, but to release a quality game once a month over several series is even more amazing.

For any of you who might be going to PAX(the penny arcade expo) be sure to look out for Telltale there. They’re going to be holding a little event in which attendees of the expo, the Tales of Monkey Island design team, and Guybrush’s voice actor Dominic Armato will be creating scenarios. I can only assume hilarity will ensue and someone might lose an eye, in which case they’ll end up wearing an awesome eyepatch.

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