GRIN’s last game? Final Fantasy Spin off

Fortress FFXII
The late developer of the Bionic Commando remake and sequel was working on another game before they closed down. Right when they closed down one of the CEOs said they were sad about their “unreleased masterpiece that we weren’t allowed to finish”. Not much else was said, so it was left at that.

Well a website did some snooping and found out what this masterpiece was. Turns out it’s a game called “Fortress”, which turns out to be a spin-off to Final Fantasy XII. I find this rather startling considering SquareEnix isn’t one to often outsource one of their most popular franchises.

There’s no videos or gameplay related information, but plenty of pictures. It might have been interesting to see made, but considering their track record I wouldn’t expect much gameplay wise.

GRIN Were Working On A Final Fantasy Game[Kotaku]

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