Starcraft II lacks LAN support, fans petition

Silly Blizzard, don’t you remember how much people love LAN? Yesterday chief game designer for Blizzard’s new Starcraft game, Rob Pardo, announced that Starcraft II will not support LAN. He further stated that all multiplayer support would go exclusively through their online service,

Well the fan’s aren’t happy, and have taken up the task of creating a petition to convince Blizzard to add LAN support. As of right now the petition has more than 25,000 signatures. This is rather astounding considering it only took 10,000 to convince Bioshock developer Irrational games(now known as 2K Boston) to release a collectors edition of the game.

The petition, rather strangely, praises the new, while still asking for LAN. The main reason behind the need for LAN is that the petitioners argue that an internet connection might not always be available. Really? Who doesn’t have an internet connection, but can afford to run Starcraft 2?

Either way, Blizzard has not responded to the petition, but it probably won’t be long. If they don’t respond within the week, I expect them to be focusing on it at some point during the upcoming Blizzcon later this year.
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