10 Things I Hate About You – Set Visit – Part One


So, I just returned from the set of the new ABC Family series 10 Things I Hate About You. What an awesome experience! Let me tell you all about it:

The day began at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood with breakfast at Twenty-Five Degrees Restaurant. I had an omelet, hash browns, toast and orange juice. I also saw Daniel von Bargen (Malcom in the Middle, The Faculty) upon entering the restaurant.

But this was only the beginning. Me and my fellow bloggers from a variety of other sites had breakfast with one of the young stars of the new series 10 Things I Hate About You, actor Ethan Peck (his grandfather is Gregory Peck! That’s right, the dude from To Kill a Mockingbird). The full interview will be posted in part two within the next week.

Onward to Santa Clarita studios where the show is filmed. The group piled into a large black van, and off we went on the fast-paced Hwy 101, to Hwy 170, and finally to I-5. Despite traffic, we arrived on time and were taken to one of the two stages that the series occupies on the lot.

ABC Family/Adam Rose

Inside, I encountered the set of Padua High School. We were given a tour of the set by executive producer Carter Covington (Greek), and learned that the soundstage used to be occupied by the apartment complex set from the series Melrose Place (the original FOX version). The interview with Carter Covington will be posted next week in part two.

ABC Family/Adam Rose

After the interview, we were taken to another soundstage where filming was in progress. They were filming scenes for the sixth episode (we were asked to keep the details of the scene a secret), and were able to watch on a monitor and listen via headset. We met the series’ 2nd AD, who told us an interesting story about an experience with a couple high-profile comics and a Carrows.

ABC Family/Adam Rose

Following our time on set, we were taken back to the other soundstage and took a series of photos with Carter Covington before Larry Miller (from the film version, The Nutty Professor, Boston Legal) stopped by for an interview. As you may recall, he was Kat and Bianca’s father, Dr. Walter Stratford, in the 1999 film.

This versatile and talented actor, writer, and comic has his own blog. Check out www.larrymillerhumor.com for more commentary about the series from Mr. Miller. The interview (do you see a pattern, yet?) will be available in part two.

ABC Family/Adam Rose

In the middle of Larry Miller’s interview, we were joined by Meaghan Jette Martin (Camp Rock, Dear Lemon Lima) who plays Bianca in the series. She too offered insights that will be shared in part two next week.

lindsey shaw

Our final interview for the day was with Lindsey Shaw (Aliens in America) who stars in the role of Kat. More with her next week.

As our day wound down, we were loaded into the black van. We were then magically whisked back to the Roosevelt Hotel where were received ABC Family goodies!

I had an awesome day on the set of 10 Things I Hate About You.

Part Two – Interviews with cast and the executive producer of the series.

Part Three – A review of the 10 Things I Hate About You pilot airing on ABC Family Tuesday, July 7 at 8pm.

More to come…

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