Xbox 360 Review: Prototype, a game you will loose sleep over!

Killing zombies has always had a certain entertaining value to it, wether it was aimlessly fraging skulls with a shotgun in Left For Dead, or using a chainsaw to brutally assault them in Dead Rising. Prototype however; adds a whole new idea and arsenal at hand when it comes to killing genetically mutated humans.


Prototype is an ear pleasing, mind teasing, eye impressing, 3rd person shooter that features many things most other games out there dont have. You play as Alex Mercer, basically a guy who was part of a government project; that backfired thus giving him incredible skills and power that make him God like.

It feels like spider-man, but plays like grand theft auto, its fun, easy to pickup on, and incredibly addicting. From the mini games to the boss battles, Prototype is a game that impresses and keeps you interested the whole story through.

Playing as Alex your entire body is part of your deadly arsenal of killing and consuming zombies to save the city, revive your health, and of course protect yourself from the onslaught of military that never ceases to spawn. Alex can turn his hands from whips, to claws, and can jump over buildings; while he gliding across the city in just a few button combos. The game really is incredibly easy to pickup on after you memorize just a few simple combos of buttons.


Further more the game offers a nice long campaign that has a good amount of story, abilities to learn, and of course really demented ways of devouring zombies and military soldiers.


The game does lack in certain areas however, the most disappointing feature that I found it lacking was a multiplayer; or even a co-op mode. The story is excellent in it self, but it would be incredible to play this game with a friend. And the lack of multiplayer seems almost ridiculous since a simple death-match or everyone vs. Alex could be added even if it was basic and could be upgraded via DLC.


Prototype is a great game, it is fun, addicting, and pleasing on so many different levels. (especially on a 1080p Television with full sourround sound) The game play is easy to pickup on, and the button combos are simple and really look like they are more complicated then they actually are. (that’s a good thing, it makes you look better then you actually are)

With a price tag of $59.99 the game is worth it; it does have lasting appeal of mini games and a nice array of difficulties to make the campaign worth playing a few times. But with the lack of multiplayer though this title might just be worth craigslisting or picking up from a friend who dosn’t want to play though the campaign again.

The game scores a 4 out of 5, because it really is impressive and fun to play, but it might not please everyone based on the single player campaign alone.

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