Jim Gaffigan: King Baby – DVD Review


Jim Gaffigan is a funny man. And, much like comedian Brian Regan, his latest stand-up act is safe enough for a wide age range to watch. There’s no profanity. No coarse sexual dialogue. It’s just funny bits about funny situations Gaffigan and others have found themselves in. And that’s the gist of Jim Gaffigan: King Baby.

It’s an entertaining performance, full of hilarious routines on a wide range of topics that vary from camping to the joys of bacon. If you have seen Gaffigan before, either in his stand-up act The Sexy Tour or Beyond the Pale, you’ll enjoy this special for sure.

Even if you are new to Gaffigan’s comedy, it’s safe to say that you won’t be offended by any of the content present in his show. He’s a fairly clean comic, which is nice to see with so many shock-comics populating clubs and concert halls.

The special features pale in comparison to the entertaining nature of the main performance. If you’re a fan of Late Night with Conan O’Brien (or were, rather), you’ll enjoy the Pale Force cartoons that accompany this DVD.

Also on tap are several “specials” produced by Comedy Central that feature Gaffigan. They aren’t that funny, and you’d be better off not wasting your time. The interviews are okay, but Gaffigan’s mockumentary Our Massive Planet lacks momentum and the humor needed to sustain one’s interest.

I highly recommend King Baby for Gaffigan’s laugh-out-loud performance. As for the rest, you can skip it.

Jim Gaffigan: King Baby laughs it’s way to an A.

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