The Old Republic’s Bounty Hunters Look Like Boba Fett


BioWare has revealed the first class profile yet for The Old Republic: Bounty Hunters, and they’ve got jetpacks and flamethrowers. Oh yeah.

Check out the class profile for the Bounty Hunters here.

The design looks suspiciously familiar to ol’ Boba Fett and dad. I find this disappointing because it pretty much proves that BioWare will try to make the Old Republic franchise accessible to mainstream players.

If you’ve played any of the KotOR games, you’ll know that the design and aesthetic of that era looked very, very different from that in the movies. That’s what KotOR was about, a whole new universe within the Star Wars universe; but all that’s being eschewed in favour of accessibility. Woohoo MMOs.

So apart from all that, things look pretty bright. Bounty Hunters kick ass, and it looks like we’ll be having flamethrowers and jetpacks on them to kick ass Boba Fett-style. The equipment also looks intriguing.

When I get the game, I’m going to play as a non-Jedi/Sith character, so a bounty hunter is an… appealing proposition for me. I’ll keep an eye out for what other classes are available. Playing as something of a Grey Jedi Assassin Mercenary is what I’d love best. Maybe add a Ninja and a Cyborg on top of that.

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