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Will you enter?
Will you enter?

If you have ever watched a WB/CW TV show, you now how well they are able to promote bands and their music through product placement. and Josh Schwartz are teaming up to create on online web video series that places real-world music at its core.

Rockville CA Panel

Yesterday, I attended a panel discussion about the show at the Hilton Hotel in Universal City. Josh Schwartz is one of the latest TV producers (The OC, Gossip Girl) to join the online video bandwagon. While the panel only showed a preview video that can be viewed online on’s website, I do like its hook. Even if you don’t like the story or the characters of the show, you can still watch separate videos of the bands playing live on stage at the show’s club location. If this online series can promote these artists and get songs sold, it’ll be a huge success.

There will be two to three episodes released every week for a total of 20 episodes. Each episode averages around 4 minutes. At that length the episodes will feature the bands for 15 to 30 seconds and then continue with the story as it unfolds at a night club. It’s a typical 20-something year-old story with plenty of love triangles and other forms of drama.

Josh: I think this is a show about people in their early twenties who are finding themselves, finding their place as adults. They are in that transitional phase. When you are young, music and the people who make music have a really sort of powerful affect on you.

As with many web video shows, the crew said it was a low-budget venture. It is unclear if this story format will work on the internet, but it will certainly be interesting to find out! The show premieres on March 17 and is already promoting the show and its featured independent artists.

Swag bag!
Swag bag!

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  1. t’s always good to see someone try something different, and with his track record there’s a pretty good chance this may be big. And f.y.i. – has the “Rockville” webisodes up now and anyone who has a blog/site can embed them on their own site from it.

    Here’s the first 4 eps – just look for the embed code at the side of the video player if want to embed.—%22Solo-Acts%22/videos

    Jim (for Fancast)

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