Wolverine and the X-Men Premiering January 23, 2009

[Update 1/8/09: Click here to read our review of Wolverine and the X-Men]

Wolverine and the X-Men

Now this has been a series that I’ve been waiting for. Wolverine and the X-Men looks to be like a next chapter of the X-Men Evolution series that used to air on Kids WB. Nicktoons Network has today announced that the series will begin to air on January 23 at 8:00pm.

Additionally, Wolverine and the X-Men video content will be available on TurboNick and via Nickelodeon’s wireless platforms. The series will also have a dedicated category in Nick’s Video-On-Demand offering beginning Monday, Jan. 19.

“Our audience craves action and adventure, so bringing Wolverine and the X-Men to Nicktoons Network was a natural fit,” said Keith Dawkins, Nicktoons Network General Manager, Senior Vice President, Nickelodeon Programming Partnerships. “The folks at Marvel are master storytellers, which is why the X-Men franchise has been so hugely successful. We expect this next chapter to really resonate with our audience.”

Nicktoons will be tieing in the launch of AreYouAMutant.com on January 20th.

One of the odd things about this premiere is that a lot of the episodes of Wolverine and the X-Men are already online at YouTube.com. Simply search for the show and there are many users who have full-length episodes. Most of them only have a couple thousand views.

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