Facebook Video now HD and Embed

One of the best social networking websites out there Facebook.com now allows for HD 720p video content to be uploaded and streamed to users. Facebook Video also now allows for videos to be embedded on other sites. The embedded videos will not be played back in HD format. In order to see those videos you have to be on the website.

From what it looks like, Facebook Video continues to be for the public and isn’t directly competing against YouTube.com. Facebook Video is for sharing favorite video moments with real friends while YouTube is for releasing videos to the world-wide web.

It is pretty amazing amoungst my friends how many more comment on my videos uploaded onto Facebook as opposed to my videos uploaded onto YouTube. It would be great if Facebook introduced a program like YouTube Partners where it allowed more serious content producers to generate revenue off of their videos, but for now that doesn’t seem like it’s the direction Facebook plans on taking its video service.

Here’s my first ever Facebook HD video!

Check out the picture below and see how the HD video looks on Facebook. There’s an option to view the video in regular quality. The video itself has the ‘HD’ written on the thumbnail and even ‘HD’ by its title.

This is how HD videos on Facebook look along with their listed features.

Overall I’m happy with Facebook going HD. It’s just as simple to upload videos and tag friends. If anything that is still what sets it apart from other online video services.

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