Get your $35 movie ticket, step right up

Every now and then a brand new movie theater will open up in town. Now that’s an experience. Everything is clean, there’s a smaller crowd, and overall the atmosphere is pleasant. Over a theater’s lifetime, all of that washes away.

Babies start appearing, cell phones glow in the dark, and people crunch popcorn right into your ear.

Is there a reason why I enjoy watching movies on my cable’s On Demand system more than I do at the theater? No, not at all… cough cough.

For me, I’m a college student who hates spending over $10 on a movie ticket. When I saw X-Files 2 opening weekend, with my friend’s Best Buy movie discount coupon, we only paid $2.50! And you know what, I really enjoyed X-Files 2!

Pricing is a huge factor on our opinion of something. If we pay a lot, we want the experience to be great. Well that’s what a new theater is hoping to capitalize on. $35 movie tickets for an experience similar to a studio back lot screening.

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