Youtube Uploads 1024 megabytes!!!

Youtube has increased the maximum upload capacity for videos from 100 megabytes to 1024 megabytes! This increase will allow for some major high resolution videos to be viewed on the mega-video site. Additionally video producers can upload multiple videos at once using an extra downloadable software pack.

Videos still have the 10 minute cap.

In other related news Youtube launched a new feature called Youtube Annotations.


I’ve uploaded a 800 megabyte file onto YouTube:

Looks like crap. Click on the video and read its description for more information. I guess higher resolution videos won’t come from higher storage upload.

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4 thoughts on “Youtube Uploads 1024 megabytes!!!”

  1. The high res version looks decent to me. Are you saying the high res version looks like crap, or the standard?

  2. The high resolution with the 800 megabyte file that I uploaded doesn’t look extremely different from the under 100 megabyte files that I uploaded previously. The point is that size doesn’t matter.

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