Deus Ex becomes a free download next week

Deus Ex

I would unabashedly list Deus Ex as one of the most underrated games ever, because I personally hold it as the greatest video game made yet. This comes as joyous news to hear that Deus Ex will be an officially free and legal download next week! That’s right: free body augmentations, global conspiracies and paranoia for all!

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The game will be available for free on GameTap starting next week. The game is untouched, except that a 15-second ad will play before each pay. You can eliminate this, of course, by subscribing for a $9.95 per month “Gold” subscription.

Deus Ex is a very influential game and an absolute masterpiece in video games. It is a unique hybrid of RPG and FPS genres, retaining the immersiveness and exhilaration of a shooter with the statistics, multi-faceted gameplay and branching of role-playing games.

In Deus Ex, you play JC Denton, a nanotechnologically-augmented agent for the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition. The complex, winding storyline of Deus Ex revolves around secret societies, terrorism, conspiracies, a semi-dystopian future, among many other ideas. It’s totally the best storyline I’ve seen in a video game, and that’s saying something!

I could go on and on about Deus Ex, but I’d better just let you play it: for free! Check out GameTap next week and grab it!

7 thoughts on “Deus Ex becomes a free download next week

  1. ignore me. Deus Ex is on GameTap twice… the “Game of the year” edition is FREE.

    i have to agree with you its my favourite game as well.. epic!

    cant wait to play it again its been a while!

    cheers 😀