Star Wars game announcement, “Huge” exclusives coming on GTTV

Force Unleashed

LucasArts has been quiet lately. Very quiet. Everyone knows that something big is going to happen, and if GameTrailers TV’s Geoff Keighley is right, this big thing is gonna come at you on April 6th or April 11th. Something was going to stir up at LucasArts, we knew that all along. George Lucas is prepping up a Clone Wars TV series for later this year, as well as a feature film. Then you have the Indiana Jones movie coming up.

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videogaming247 says that Geoff Keighley was quoted in a blog post saying:

I also want to give you faithful blog readers a little tidbit about our next show on April 11: It’s all about STAR WARS! Last week I went up to LucasArts for an exclusive behind the scenes look at the new game THE FORCE UNLEASHED. We’ll be blowing it out on GTTV with a ton of exclusive footage and some very special announcements. Spike is airing all six Star Wars movies in April and throughout the month I’ll also be appearing between the movies on Spike to reveal more of THE FORCE UNLEASHED. You’ll want to tune in on Sunday April 6 between the movies for a big Star Wars videogame announcement and some very exclusive footage.

But the best part is that our April 11 episode also has a bunch of other HUGE exclusives in it. More on that soon….

That comes in crystal clear – a major Star Wars game is in the works, and by major, we certainly hope it isn’t another Lego Star Wars game. By major, we hope it goes something along the lines of KotOR, or Jedi Knight, or Battlefront, or hell, Republic Commando.

videogaming247 also says that “word is that LucasArts is prepared to put it off for as long as it needs to get it right.” Interesting – this could probably be a hint along the KotOR angle, since everyone knows how LucasArts infamously pressurized Obsidian into releasing KotOR II early, resulting in a stunted and unfinished product.

Then there’s also the talk of “Huge” announcements on April 11th. We don’t know if that is Star Wars related or not, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t get you excited.

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