XM Radio Goes Podcasting

The fantastic service XM Radio has branched into podcasting, a field that I’m shocked as to why it took them so long to get into. XM Radio Podcasts has launched with 8 podcasts Bob Edwards Weekend, 60/20 Sports with James Carville and Luke Russert, XMSN This Morning with Coach Switzer, Basketball & Beyond with Coach K, XM Weekly Music, XM Artist Confidential: Green Room, Opie and Anthony Shorts, and Unmasked.

New episodes will appear in the podcasts the day after they are aired for XM Radio subscribers.

“By making these original XM series available through xmradio.com, iTunes and other popular podcast web sites, millions more consumers have an opportunity to sample some of the best in premium music, news and sports programming that you can only get as an XM subscriber,” said Eric Logan, XM executive vice president of programming.

I’ve added a couple of these podcasts onto StuffWeLike.com’s media player, The Pipeline.

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