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Amorousness is without a doubt the most artistic film ever aired on’s Original Shows. It’s actually the first film on that I didn’t have any personal involvement. It’s also the first of several films in which we hope to create a bold and new direction with the ‘Original Shows’ (for you old SWL fans, Our Movies) on The Pipeline. We’ll reveal more information about these upcoming films as the productions on them begin. After you watch Amorousness, read the Director’s comments.

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John-Erik Reese (Director): “This film is essentially a poem told with images. Much like an Ingmar Bergman or Jean-Luc Godard film, my short film takes a simple idea and a central theme as the necessary foundation, thus, making the two components revolve around the story completely.

My approach for the short was to make it ambiguous and anomalous for the motive that a simple thing (whatever it may be in life) is always much more intricate in its very own unique way. This short film is based on existential philosophy dealing with inner conflict, vanity, self-existence, and most prominently disconnected love.

I hope that everyone who views this may perhaps interpret the meaning his/her own way (as it was meant to be) and also may consider that images might perhaps appear as a meaning of its own (ex. Fire is seen in the beginning of the film as a symbol of love’s great fuel. Water, which is seen later, is a symbol for the love’s cooling or simply putting out the flames, which essential relates to the two figure characters).

Amorousness is, for all intents and purposes, filled with meaning and promising interpretation, the only aspect it requires is the initial thought.”

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  1. I LOVE GODARD! espcially his movie “Breathless” what year was that movie made? 1950 60’s? with Jean seberg! she’s hot!

  2. 😛 This short was amazing! nice pick on music. keep up the good work. whose the super cool girl in the movie?

  3. 😉 man do irish people kno how to drink!!!11!!!1…. what relevance this has to anything. i dont kno. but HA! btw GG on the short. *wOOTxxrzoorxz*

  4. Pretty good kamwhey, but i think i would have to be drunk to understand it. but all together the music and cinematography was really good. im deff gonna need you and fernando to shoot a music video for Sæglópur. i miss and love you dude

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