Crackdown 2 coming soon? Nope, sorry.


Earlier this year Real Time Worlds released their flagship title on the Xbox 360. The game’s development was lead by Doug Jones of GTA glory, with the release being supported by the addition of Halo 3 beta on the game. 1.5 million units were sold, the beta was a hit, the game was a hit, fans rejoiced. The Development team had gone on the record as stating that they would make a sequel if it performed well commercially. That was in Feburary. 6 months later the game’s a huge success, the DLC packages that were released on the Xbox live Marketplace sold extremely well, and Real Time Worlds is making us fans cry.

According to Real Time Worlds producer Phil Wilson we won’t be seeing a sequel to the game at all because “Microsoft were a little late in stepping up to the plate to ask for Crackdown 2, and by then we had already started working on bigger, better things.” Oh goodie, set up the ending for a sequel, then shoot down our hopes. What are these bigger and better things you may ask? Well they have two titles in development right now. One is an unknown title tentatively scheduled to be released in 2009. The other is another Doug Jones project called A.P.B., or All Points Bulletin, an MMO were you get to play as either a group of criminals or cops fighting the other group for the PC and 360. It features customizable vehicles and characters, but didn’t Saint’s Row and 25 to life?

While we might not be seeing another Crackdown in the future, we still have Prototype to look forward to later next year.

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