The Heroes are Back!

[Update #2]

FLV playback is now working in the player. Sorry about that! All the clips below are now playable.


I’ve uploaded high quality files of the NGH 2 Diaries.

It appears that any file that was FLV is having some playback issues. We’re working on fixing this problem in the player.

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It’s been a long time since I last talked about The Next-Generation of Heroes on StuffWeLike! This series was the first film ever made! That’s how classic this series is.

Back in the summer of August 2003 filming began on a set of films that took almost a year to complete. After that we released a DVD with tons of special features. Then about a year after the DVD filming began for the sequel and eventually wrapped up in spring 2006.

The Next-Generation of Heroes has and for ever will have an impact on my life and since it is 100% tied to, I’ve dedicated an entire show to it. This collection features potentially everything ever made available and many things that were only shown on the DVD!

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As of writing this post, I still have a couple more videos – NGH 2 Diaries – that will be added later tomorrow.

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