Nick Fury is Sam Jackson is Nick Fury


Aint It Cool News is telling me that Samuel L. Jackson is shooting today on the upcoming independant Marvel film, Iron Man, as… wait for it… Colonel Nick Fury!

There are two reason I find this news particularly interesting. First, and least significantly, is that Nick Fury originally is a white dude. It looks like they’ve chosen to represent the more recently conceived “Ultimate Nick Fury”, a character from a new Marvel alternate-universe sort of dealy that is obviously very much based on Sam Jackson. Secondly, Nick Fury’s name is being tossed around in conjunction with other Marvel film rumors rolling around. An Avengers movie is supposedly in the works, and there’s even been talk of Nick Fury having a film all to himself. Is Sam Jackson’s appearance in this role indicative of future casting decisions, or will they just change actors on us mid-stream? Guess we’ll see!

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  1. S’about time. I was wondering when we’d see Nick Fury. I’m actually quite surprised they didn’t put him in RotSS despite it being a horrid movie. That General Hagar role was nothing more than a poorly thought out Fury. They could’ve given the Marvel movie series a continuity and have Samuel play Fury numerous times in different movies.

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