Kill Bill Volumes 3 & 4. Maybe?


Word on the street is that E. Bennet Walsh, an executive producer of Kill Bill, could be spilling the beans on upcoming sequels. He says Quentin Tarantino has plots worked up for two new films following the Beatrix legacy, and that he may travel to China to shoot the sequels. From FilmIck

Part 3 would revolve around the revenge of two members of the Crazy 88s. Part 4 would focus on the daughters of Beatrix Kiddo and Vernita Green getting square, as was previously rumoured. Some even claim that the (previously unrevealed) daughters of Elle Driver and Gogo Yubari would also feature.

And from Xinhua:

When asked which Chinese director he wants to cooperate with, Walsh said he would most like to work with Jiang Wen, director of Xun Qiang, or “Missing Gun”.

“I also want to collaborate with younger directors. I believe there are many outstanding young directors in China who have not been brought into the light,” Walsh said.

While I would love to see some more of Beatrix whoopin’ up on the Crazy 88’s, it’s unlikely that we’ll see either of these coming down the pipes in the very near future. The Big T. (as nobody calls him) is a very busy man, and unless he wants to entrust The Bride to members of his schlock champ camp (Eli Roth, perhaps?), these could be back-burnered for a while.

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