Scarecrow’s back in Batman?


Rumor has it that Cillian Murphy is returning as the mind-bending Scarecrow in the upcoming Batman sequel, Dark Knight, despite his suggestions to the contrary. According to Super Hero Hype, one of their scoopers has spotted Murphy on set and in character as Dr. Jonathan Crane on the Chicago set of Dark Knight and filming a rooftop action scene.

“The scenes were gunfire and gang members running for cover,” SHH’s spy report begins. “Around 2:30-3ish they returned to the set and started filming 2 gangs fighting with each other. Then I spotted Cillian and they filmed him yelling at the gang. The sound of gunfire blasted and everyone ran for cover. They repeated this over and over again…So after a few takes of that… they moved to the side of the van. I saw a Batman… It had to be a stunt double. And him and Scarecrow had a struggle and ended with the crow gassing Batman. Batman fell to the ground holding his face screaming.

They were still doing takes of that when I left…about 4am.”

Likely this appearance will be little more than a cameo, but who knows? I hope that’s all it is. While I wouldn’t mind seeing the good ol’ Scarecrow one more time, it’s been proven time and time again that too many villains can (and will) ruin a superhero flick. We’ve already got the Joker, and, I suspect, at least an appearance from Two-Face. Let’s hope we don’t have 3 of my favorite villains in Comicdom ever ruined as they jostle for screen time in a drawn out shitstorm of a movie (I’m looking at you Batman & Robin, Spiderman 3!).

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