If Tony Was A Rock Star

There are times when we have to laugh and have a good time, and this is one of them. Mark Wright has dared to ask the question what if Tony was a rockstar? You know Tony Blair the prime minister of the UK? Ring any bells? Come on people! 😐

“I definitely wanted to carry on with the band. I always wondered, could I have ever actually done it?” – Tony Blair, 2005

“I’ve always been intrigued by a Prime Minister who takes his guitar away with him whenever he goes on holiday. It’s clear that music has been, and continues to be, an important part of his life. Now that he’s stepping down I wonder if he will reform his band and go out on tour? The ‘Ugly Rumours’ reunion is surely long overdue!” – Mark Wright

We’ve got the song playing in the Music – Lyrical show. You’ll be able to buy this song on June 18, 2007 on iTunes and Revolver Records.

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