The Pipeline Gets a Facelift – Now Complete

New face + New features = Enjoy

If you’ve been one of those people who’ve come to this website asking yourself what is this, I hope these new additions to The Pipeline will make you realize the power that is in your hands!

First off you’ll notice that the menu options for The Pipeline have changed. They now look like this:


Don’t be afraid though! Here’s what they mean:i = Show Information. This allows you to read a description about the show.
Channel Guide = The heart of The Pipeline. Choose which shows you want to watch.
RSS feed = You can now subscribe directly to The Pipeline using all of the latest RSS programs! Receive updates about content additions to The Pipeline in your email!
+ = You can now directly add any The Pipeline show onto your SplashCast player. When we update the show – you get the updates sent straight to your player!
<> = Embed the player onto your website using one line of HTML code. All updates made to The Pipeline will appear on your website, blog, or even MySpace account.
Mail = Like a show? Tell your friends about it by sending them an email by using the player.

Previously when a show ended it cut to another splash screen with a “get it” icon. Now after the show has been completed the player continues onto the next show automatically.


Another note is when you’re watching a Show you can click on the ‘i’ icon and a menu will appear in which you can rate and comment about the show!


That’s it for now! Hope all these changes make it easier for you to navigate through The Pipeline.

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