My first Published game!

Finally my first published game is here! Now I can act as if I actually know what I’m jabbering about!
United Minds Games ( and Packom Interactive ( are thrilled to announce that Space Renegades: The Series is now available! Now the world can experience the glory of old-school space shooting action!

Screenshots and demo are available at Space Renegades: The Series is available for $8.00. Save $2 by signing up for the United Minds Games newsletter!




About United Minds Games:
United Minds Games is dedicated to preserving the spirit of the “golden age” of video games — the fun, graphically fresh, easy to play 2D games with creative themes and memorable music that kept us glued to the screen or returning to the arcades with our pockets full of quarters.

About Packom Interactive:
Packom Interactive’s goal is to become a leader in Production, Distribution, and Marketing of independent games. Unlike most publishers, we realize that an independently made game is a long and arduous process. The last thing that a developer wants to worry about is how they’re going to sell a game.
Our goal is to simplify this process for the developer so they can continue to make great quality games, no matter the content nor the genre.

General Space Renegades 1 & 2 Game Information:
Title: Space Renegades: The Series
Developer – United Minds Games Homepage:
Publisher – Packom Interactive Homepage:
Space Renegades Homepage:
Genre: Casual/Top-down Shooter
Platform: PC, OS X
Player: 1
Release Date: PC December 4, 2006, OSX December 2006
System Specifications:
Pentium II 300 Mhz – 500 Mhz
DirectX Version 7
16MB video card with Hardware Acceleration
Windows 98/2000/NT/XP

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