Triangles and Quads, Oh My!

Some of you probably know that there’s a difference in this 3D term. Triangles are half of a quad. So when you’re counting your polycount – a triangle is half of your quad. Now the issue comes into play when you wonder, which one to use in game. Well check which one your counting!

I finally found a 3D Aritst for The Divine (after 2 months of searching!) and now bam – he’s working at bullet speed and then Keanu Reeves comes in and does his Matrix bullet stopping moves! Well I didn’t tell him to count triangles and not quads… Instead of reducing the polygon count (done in quads) to half of what it currently is, he has decided to redo the entire ship. What that means is that we’ve wasted two days.

But fear not! We’ve decided to use those ships afterall as the high poly models for cutscenes! I don’t know when the new models will be made public but if we can get them to look any similar to what the high polygon models (over 2,000 tri polygons, we want a max of 1,500) look like I know that anyone who sees the screenshots will be even more amazed than what is currently on the website!

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