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Going off of the last post – because I thought about how to bring the reviews/articles over to the blog, I also thought how can I improve the Our Picks page on the website. Previously this page contained tons of subpages going from – Our Picks – Liked/DisLiked Reviews – Game Reviews – Video Game Consoles – Reviews, geez!

Page after page after page! Well I cut out all of those pages and put all the reviews on the Our Picks page. At first glance it looks slopy. But then when you start to use it, it’s very fast, easy, and overall efficient. Instead of annoying the reader by forcing them to visit this page then that page it’s very simple.

I’d say mission accomplished.

Games need to be simple, especially indie games. If you don’t have tens of millions of dollars why are you wasting years on developing one game that will only sell x amount, when you could be developing smaller games that take less time to create and each sell x amount. 

Which do you think is more efficient 2 years for x amount or 6 months for x amount? Indie developers sometime spend years creating games that only sell hundreds of copies! Don’t bother creating these titles unless you really want to waste time.

You have no way of competing with commercial games so why do you bother to play on their league? Until you’re ready stay small and grow fast.

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