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I’ve added two pages on the right, Video Game Articles and Video Game Reviews. At first glance one may think that the content on these pages is new but in fact it isn’t.

I questioned whether or not people who visit my blog go to the parent site So at first I thought why not bring over all the game reviews onto the blog. Well that would have taken me weeks. I decided to dedicate two pages with links to each individual review/article.

The great thing about this is that it adds a ton of content to this blog with minimal amount of time investment.

Now because this blog is about game development and not my site – how about you tell me how this method could be used in game dev?

Write code that can be reused in future titles, create art that can be reused, figure out if things are being effective (demos, websites, etc) and doing what they were originally intended to do, etc. Always adapt to a changing environment. I had no idea that I would start a game blog months ago but now that this is a popular blog, why not use that to my advantage? Figure out ways that you can do the same.

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