New Mirror’s Edge Story Trailer

Now I can’t miss a new trailer for Mirror’s Edge. I’ve already envisioned it as the next Portal: a smexy city, a female protagonist and parkour tricks?! This game is genius! I can’t believe it’s going to release on November 13th. That’s so early, it’s unfair!

Anyways, we see yet another trailer for Edge. This time, it’s one of those 2D-animated trailers to explain the story. Sometimes the theme and art of the game almost make me think that it’s a Japanese game, only to shaken up when I see the darn EA logo again. Which makes me wonder if EA is thinking of any draconian DRM measures for the game.

Now this trailer is one of those usual world-turns-into-dystopia stories, except here you can’t tell if its dystopia or utopia we’re heading to. We see our heroine, Faith as a child in a protest march against the usual oppresive-fascist-government. Yep, we’ve seen in Half-Life 2, but what it reminded me the most of was the Second Renaissance short from The Animatrix (damn, that was a good film).

Check out the trailer below! Click here to run and jump to the HD link.

3 New DeathSpank Teaser Trailers; Thong of Justice


DeathSpank. You may not have heard of it, but I have my eyes, ears and private parts on this one. The reason is that this the brainchild of Ron Gilbert, the legendary warrior-game designer who created the Monkey Island series and can today be seen grumbling and annoying people at his personal blag, Grumpy Gamer.

Yes, so what’s so great about DeathSpank, you ask? The answer would be Gilbert’s description of the game: “Monkey Island meets Diablo”. That is indeed a diabolic statement, but coming from Gilbert’s mouth, they could either be dead serious or dead sarcastic. Or both. Hmm.

Anyways, we’ve just got a bunch of teaser trailers to DeathSpank floating around the sea of YouTube that we’d like to show you. Each weighs in around a minute, the first showing off some stylish action that has just enough gore to mock Tim Schafer’s Brütal Legend.

The second and third show off some items and gear from the game that will most probably assist DeathSpank in whatever heroic act he is in at the moment. Of course, the most remarkable of these would be the spacious and ballsy Thong of Justice. We’ll just leave you at that.

To save you from some browser slowdown, we’ve put the other two videos after the jump, so continue reading!

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YouTube gets new layout, “statistics”, “commentary” tabs

Youtube new tab design

Our ingenious eyes have spotted that YouTube has updated its video page layout. While the look itself isn’t dramatically different, we notice that is cleaner, neater and tidier. You also now have the ability to share on Facebook, Digg or MySpace directly! The rest of the page also functions smoothly and helps improve usability.

Of note are two new tabs; “Commentary” and “Statistics & Info”. Commentary is basically a union of the video responses and YouTube’s infamous comments that have gone down as being better reading than Victorian literature.

Statistics & Info appears to house details like how many sites have linked the video (including links to all of them) as well as stuff like how many honors it has (and which ones, specifically!).

Observing the white space to the right of the views counter, we also see a button for choosing between normal and HD resolutions – a much-requested feature! This one is currently only available on some videos (because not all videos are HD, you dummy), so don’t expect to see it everywhere.

All in all, while we’ve seen much better looking video websites, this layout is a welcome change as it makes the average day of browsing baby videos and people getting hit a more neater and tidier experience!


Kid Humor

Thanks to Youtube and other video sites, family videos can be shared across the world. While in many cases they are boring to the average viewer, some videos break out and are hilarious even if you don’t know the family. I’ve mixed together some of the funniest kid videos that I could find. If you know of any that I’ve excluded let me know!

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Bloopers Mashup – StuffWeLike Fall 07 Videos

As the new Spring semester for college creeps up on us, I became depressed. My free time will dwindle away, but the good thing is that I’ll be able to make more internet videos!

I mashed up Mr. Lifeless, Gazmo and Friends, and Two Males and a Killer Whale bloopers all into one video. This is all never before seen stuff so enjoy our stupidity!