New Mirror’s Edge Story Trailer

Now I can’t miss a new trailer for Mirror’s Edge. I’ve already envisioned it as the next Portal: a smexy city, a female protagonist and parkour tricks?! This game is genius! I can’t believe it’s going to release on November 13th. That’s so early, it’s unfair!

Anyways, we see yet another trailer for Edge. This time, it’s one of those 2D-animated trailers to explain the story. Sometimes the theme and art of the game almost make me think that it’s a Japanese game, only to shaken up when I see the darn EA logo again. Which makes me wonder if EA is thinking of any draconian DRM measures for the game.

Now this trailer is one of those usual world-turns-into-dystopia stories, except here you can’t tell if its dystopia or utopia we’re heading to. We see our heroine, Faith as a child in a protest march against the usual oppresive-fascist-government. Yep, we’ve seen in Half-Life 2, but what it reminded me the most of was the Second Renaissance short from The Animatrix (damn, that was a good film).

Check out the trailer below! Click here to run and jump to the HD link.