Star Wars: The Old Republic’s First Gameplay Video

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With background music from Knights of the Old Republic II, the video showcases a few lightsaber duels and monster fights. Graphics look pretty slick, and reminiscent of the KotOR graphics. Well, at least they look good.

Lightsabers have been toned down to acceptable sizes (thank God for that) and things look pretty Star-Warsy. Still, the duels didn’t impress me all that much. They look pretty close to the duels from KotOR and I was kinda hoping we’ll progress to more complex duels like the ones from the movie (hell yeah Darth Maul).

Then we have some of the usual banter from BioWare about how the game is so very story-centric and how your actions have consequences et cetera. They also explain the art design by saying that while all the other MMOs are starting to look the same, BioWare decided to take a different approach.

What do you think? Will it be the WoW-killer? I think it’s possible: people should relate to the Star Wars universe easier than the Warcraft one. We’ll keep an eye on this, easily one of our most anticipated games.

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