Far Cry movie looks as bad as it should

No, really. Even if you’re a AAA-level Hollywood director, a video game enthusiast and have no trouble getting people to watch your movies, which game would you choose to adapt to a movie? Maybe something with a good entertainment value, a great story. Maybe something that accurately demonstrates how much video games have evolved to become excellent storytelling mediums.

But it doesn’t work that way for Uwe Boll. Dungeon Siege – ah, the hack-and-slash that was lambasted for its lack of storyline or depth – yes, excellent movie material. Far Cry – great game, but the story was obviously added after the game, and ripped off of some bootlegged B-movie, yes, why not?

And Far Cry is one game where you’d hope the director doesn’t stick to the plot of the original, but Uwe Boll defies the crowd once more to stick very closely to the abysmal plot of Far Cry, as is evident in the trailer above. No wonder the mainstream media doesn’t find video games capable to storytelling.

It’s got everything – the campiest cheesy lines, German accents for the megalomaniac villain, mutants that look like muscular bald men (they probably couldn’t afford them to look like they do in the game), Hummers blowing up and acting skills that one never thought could exist.

Then again, maybe it’s best that Uwe Boll ruinss the games with poor storylines instead of the better ones out there (*prays to Lord he never plays Deus Ex*).

Bruce Campbell’s “My Name is Bruce” trailer is GROOVY

I cannot believe that a movie as awesome this has passed under my nose. Bruce Campbell, the second greatest action hero of all time (the first being Chris Norris, of course) is back to his monster-bashing antics in My Name is Bruce, which shall make its way to the theatres some time in 2008.

This time, Bruce plays as himself, rather than the awesome Ash. The film’s groovy plot goes like this: A bunch of Oregon small town residents decide that in order to defeat an ancient Chinese God of war, they must enlist the ultimate monster-killer, Bruce Campbell. Unfortunately, Bruce is a filmstar, not a monster-killer and their plans have been abruptly dashed.

But fear not, for Bruce shall kick ass again in his favourite genre: a comedy/action/horror hybrid. The trailer below doesn’t look so bad, but a strange feeling nagging me in the back of my mind tells me that this isn’t worth getting all hyped up about and may just end up being bad.