Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 2 – Blu-ray Review

What’s your hometown like? Is it a place filled with happy memories of your childhood? A place where your parents still live and you feel embraced? Is it a place filled with places you used to go with your friends on summer nights? Well, if you’re name is Ash and you fight Deadites for a living – despite your reluctance to do so – you don’t have any of these things. In fact, Ash’s hometown is about to become much more of a nightmare than it was when he left over 30 years before.

Welcome to Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead where we find our swaggering one-armed hero (Bruce Campbell) headed back to his hometown if Elk Grove, Michigan to do what he does best; whether he likes it or not. He’s on a mission to once again stop not only Deadites, which have popped up once again despite the truce he a Ruby (Lucy Lawless) made at the end of last season, but her evil children, and host of other demonic creatures as well. Luckliy, Ash has his partners in gore to help him fight the horrors that await them.

Get ready for one bloody, gory, disgusting, and hilarious good time as the one-liners and guts fly with reckless abandon over the course of the season. There’s a reunion of sorts (remember Henrietta Knowby from the first Evil Dead movie?), an evil puppet named Ashy, and a fight in a morgue that is as disturbing as anything I’ve seen on TV in a while (I highly recommend not eating while watching this show).

Watch as Ash, Pablo (Ray Santiago), and Kelly (Dana DeLarenzo) battle for the fate of the Necronomicon and the soul of Elk Grove. Will their efforts pay off? Or will they, too, end up in bloody pieces like so many of their Deadite kills?

There are LOTS of great bonus features to accompany your viewing of Season 2. These include:

Season 2 First Look
A brief intro to the upcoming season.

Inside the World of “Ash vs Evil Dead
Featurettes analyzing the events of each episode with the cast and crew.

Up Your Ash
A look at the making of one of the more disturbing but hilarious battles in the season.

Women Who Kick Ash
A look at the kick-ass ladies who populate Ash’s world.

Puppets are Cute
Find out what went into bringing Ashy to evil life.

Dawn of the Spawn
Insight into the design and execution of Ruby’s demon children.

Bringing Henrietta Back
A reunion 30 years in the making. See how they made Ash battle one of his oldest foes.

The Delta
The 40 year history of director Sam Raimi’s/Ash’s car: the 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale.

How to Kill a Deadite
An insiders guide on how to take care of business one bloody Deadite at a time.

Fatality Mash-up
A quick cut compilation of the many kills throughout the season.

If you love your horror with a healthy helping of comedy, then I highly recommend Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 2. It’s great entertainment!

Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 2 is available NOW on Blu-ray!

What’s your favorite Ash line or kill from Season 2? Leave a comment and let us know!

Ash vs. Evil Dead: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Review

Ash National 3D Combo Packshots

In the beginning, there was Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (1981). The cult classic begat Evil Dead II (1987), followed by Army of Darkness (1992). This Evil Dead trilogy starred Bruce Campbell, a God among B-movie lovers and an icon of cult cinema. While Raimi went on to direct the first Spider-Man trilogy and films like The Quick and the Dead, The Gift (2000), and Drag Me to Hell among others, his legacy will forever be associated with the low-budget horror-comedy trilogy. And that’s a great thing!

Thirty-four years later, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have joined horror-comedy forces once again to bring us the gory and hilarious series, Ash vs. Evil Dead. Luckily for fans of the original trilogy the series is on Starz so you get all the blood, guts, gore, and insanity you could ask for without the pesky FCC getting in the way. And boy, are you in for a fun and entertaining treat!

After vanquishing the Evil Dead, Ash has moved on with his life as a trailer-dwelling, lady-loving, stock boy. But when he accidentally opens and reads from the Necronomicon and unleashes the Deadites once again on society, he’s called into service once more as the savior of humanity. With his trusty chainsaw affixed to his left right arm, Ash and his crew do whatever they can to stop the evil from infesting the world. This means plenty of blood will be spilled and heads will explode along the way. Will they stop the Deadites before it’s too late?

Over-the-top, excessively violent, and dripping with blood, the first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead is a high-energy series that keeps the gore flying episode after episode. And with the original Evil Dead creative team at the helm, the series retains the sensibilities and tone that made the trilogy so great.

The Blu-ray includes the following special features:

Inside the World of Ash

Spoiler Alert! A look behind-the-scenes of every episode of the season with insights from Executive Producer/Showrunner Craig DiGregorio.

How to Kill a Deadite

An interview with Bruce Campbell and fans about the myriad ways to kill Deadites. Hint: They’re all very gory!

Best of Ash

A trailer for the series.

Along with Audio Commentary on all 10 first season episodes, Ash vs. Evil Dead is a non-stop horror-comedy fest from pilot to season finale. I highly recommend it!

Ash vs. Evil Dead: The Complete First Season is available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray!

What’s your favorite Evil Dead moment? Leave a comment and let us know!