World of Warcraft movie has a director. Hint: Spiderman!

FOR THE HORDE AND S-MART! Ain’t It Cool News has some news that is really actually cool. They have exclusive confirmation that the World of Warcraft movie is still in production, and the director isn’t Uwe Boll.

The movie is being produced by Legendary pictures, the same company that produced 300, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and Watchmen. The budget was originally 100 million dollars, and to be released this year.

Obviously it’s not coming out this year, but with Comic-con so close and Blizzcon next month there is a bit of news. AICN reports that the director of the movie is now confirmed to be none other than Sam Raimi. If you’re not familiar with Sam Raimi, you’re probably at least familiar with his movies.

Raimi was the director of the Evil Dead series, a cult horror movie series staring the best B-actor in the history of Cinema, Bruce Campbell. More recently he has directed the PG-13 horror movie, Drag Me to Hell. He’s probably most well known as the director of the SpiderMan movies, yes all three of them.

Pretty awesome huh? We’ll probably see some more information about the movie later this week at Comic-con, if not at Blizzcon in August.

Ain’t it cool? Sam Raimi Directing the warcraft movie

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