Brutal Legend countersuit go!

Brutal Legend Objection
Don’t know why, but the lyrics from Never Gonna Give You Up just popped into my head when I thought of this. Either way, Double Fine isn’t going to let Activision kill Brutal Legend.

Double Fine is counter-suing Activision with a shotgun of information that I can only hope will keep Eddie Riggs coming home to our consoles. The lawsuit says that the lawsuit is an attempt to hurt Brutal Legend and Double Fine though the lawsuit in an attempt to save the Guitar Hero franchise.

That’s much of what we heard before, but from the other side. The lawsuit does however continue saying that Double Fine is free from their contract with Activision after Brutal Legend was dropped following the merger with Vivendi Universal.

The immensely surprising thing here though is the reason they give that Brutal Legend was dropped. The suit states that Activision perfers to publish sequels and does not create new IPs, no surprise there. It further states that the game was dropped after an attempt to get Brutal Legend turned into a Guitar Hero game. BWAH?!

I can only hope this court case goes through rather quickly and Brutal Legend comes out on its planned date. I wish Double Fine and everyone involved luck in this, we want to see the game!

Countersuit over Brutal Legend

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