Games that should be movies

Uwe Boll and Anderson have both got the right idea. Since there are so many remakes of television series and movies coming out they are the only two directors which have taken a game franchise and attempted to convert it to movie form. Not including those currently in production like Max Payne and BioShock.
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Michael Bay, Eli Roth respond to Uwe Boll; can get ugly

A summary of what’s going on

Uwe Boll’s hateful video that faced heavy YouTube competition from teenage rants has apparently not gone very unnoticed. Michael Bay responded on his official forum, saying:

I find people who rant like that – calling shit about both me, and George Clooney – comes from someone screaming because he is not being heard. He is obviously a sad being.

When you ask “do I care”? Not in the slightest.


Eli Roth, also insulted by Boll has supposedly responded saying that it was the “greatest compliment ever”. No news available about George Clooney, also insulted in a German accent.

When will this war of words between Hollywood’s most annoying directors end?!

Source: BingeGamer

Uwe Boll talks pro-Boll petition, insults Hollywood in funny accent

Boll talking
Uwe Boll once again proves that he can accomplish the impossible, by insulting Hollywood people like Michael Bay and George Clooney, counter the anti-Boll petition, appear confused and speak in a beautiful German accent all at the same time.

Hit the jump to view the video (and the transcript) that will make your day.

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Uwe Boll will resign if petition gets 1 million signatures

[UPDATE: 4/9/08] Pro-Uwe Boll petition?! Who would be Pro-Uwe, especially when he insults Hollywood?


Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll. The name brings back mortifying memories of Alone in the Dark, Dungeon Siege and Far Cry. What would it take to stop such a monstrous juggernaut from obliterating our movie-appreciation senses? Straight from the man himself, it’s going to take ONE MILLION signatures on this petition.Hit the jump to find out what’s up! Continue reading “Uwe Boll will resign if petition gets 1 million signatures”

Far Cry movie looks as bad as it should

No, really. Even if you’re a AAA-level Hollywood director, a video game enthusiast and have no trouble getting people to watch your movies, which game would you choose to adapt to a movie? Maybe something with a good entertainment value, a great story. Maybe something that accurately demonstrates how much video games have evolved to become excellent storytelling mediums.

But it doesn’t work that way for Uwe Boll. Dungeon Siege – ah, the hack-and-slash that was lambasted for its lack of storyline or depth – yes, excellent movie material. Far Cry – great game, but the story was obviously added after the game, and ripped off of some bootlegged B-movie, yes, why not?

And Far Cry is one game where you’d hope the director doesn’t stick to the plot of the original, but Uwe Boll defies the crowd once more to stick very closely to the abysmal plot of Far Cry, as is evident in the trailer above. No wonder the mainstream media doesn’t find video games capable to storytelling.

It’s got everything – the campiest cheesy lines, German accents for the megalomaniac villain, mutants that look like muscular bald men (they probably couldn’t afford them to look like they do in the game), Hummers blowing up and acting skills that one never thought could exist.

Then again, maybe it’s best that Uwe Boll ruinss the games with poor storylines instead of the better ones out there (*prays to Lord he never plays Deus Ex*).